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Hello! I am Mary Jo Place—aka Mojo, MJ, Mary J, Jo, and a host of other variations—a professional copywriter, editor, graphic designer and multimedia producer. My background includes fifteen years of experience in academic instructional technology and twenty or so of corporate communications. My skill set ranges from 'way back in the Stone Age of grease pencils and razor blades to the very latest cutting edge digital technologies. Have DV camera and laptop, will travel. My forté is the full complement of what is called "instructional technologies", from print materials to audio, video and online multimedia. If you have a message, my job is to help you communicate it to others.

Oh, and we mustn't forget Mojo's Ebay Craptacular, which is mostly for fun. The Craptacular is also the repository of my blog, for those who may be interested. If you want to learn more, click on any of the links below. I do tend to ramble on a bit on the personal pages, but at least I attempt to be entertaining...

If for some reason you need to desperately contact me, you can attempt to email me at mojo-at-mojorama-dot-com. But bear in mind I am somewhat antisocial and if I don't recognize your name, don't hold your breath awaiting a response. If you are referred to me by a mutual friend, please be kind and drop their name right off the bat so I know who you are. Thenkyewveddymuch!