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Eve Marko: The Dogs of the Kiskadee Hills

Dear Anna Olson--a Film by Dean Kalman Lennert

Ella Geek

Little Women on Broadway

Mojo's Craptacular


Print Work

ComputerBits Magazine

PCI Newsletter

PCI Brochure

Rumi Concert Program


Video and QTVR

Vibratory Bowl Feeder

My first delve into 3-D CGI animation, for a bottling manufacturer.

UTC United Way Campaign

A promotional video for the United Way campaign for United Technologies.

MHC Flower Show

A QTVR of the annual flower show at Mount Holyoke. Six nodes take you around the hothouse.

T-Rex Skull

A QTVR of an origami T-Rex skull.


Flash Samples


Dear Anna Olson Homepage

Home page navigation for a professional animator's short film. The balloons and notes are an integral part of the story.


Little Women Intro

Typical splash page for a Broadway musical. The site now features the National Tour.


House of One People--Opening Flash Splash

Typical Flash splash page, with introductory text and navigation links.


House of One People--Campus Map

Interactive campus map. In the real world the rollovers and numbered buttons are clickable, jumping down to an HTML description of that particular feature. I haven't bothered adding all that, though...


PCI Splash Page

A variation of the typical splash. Usual navigation links and a picturebar. Instead of making the visitor sit through an animation each time the pages is called, a "play" button is used so they can play the animation should they desire it.



Art Work

"Out of Pie"

"The Dancing Cow"

"Sheep are Stupid"